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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Professional Shredders – P-35C Shredder With Micro Cross Cut For 5 Sheets

The Complete Account of P-35C Shredder

This cross cut office shredder ensures a higher level of security in the destruction of the documents wile its small and compact design helps to save the space as well.

Some of the Important Features

•    It comes with the capacity for 5 sheets of A4 size, 70g/m².
•    The entry width is 230 mm.
•    It makes the particles up to 9x40 mm.
•    The security level of this shredder is 3.
•    The safety lock is available in order to prevent any accidents.
•    The bin capacity is up to 12 liters.
•    It tears down the staples, paper clips and the credit cards as well.
•    Automatic start is available.
•    The dimensions are 384 x 362 x 214 mm.
•    The model is available in black color.
•    The warranty is of 2 years and 3 years for the cutting blades.
•    It meets the requirements of the level 3 standard.
•    You have the option whether you want to have the cut in strips or particles, but the pieces should never exceed 594 mm2 (particles of 24 x 24 mm).


This shredder can be used for the home as well as office.

The Size

•    The depth is 320mm.
•    The width is 350mm.
•    The height is 200 mm.
•    It weighs more or loess 3 kg.

The Security Level

The security level is 3.