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Monday, 21 October 2013

Small Office Shredders – 50S Shredder Strip Cut 5.8 mm

The Description of 50S Shredder Strip Cut 5.8mm

This shredder is ideal for the frequent use and it suits best for the small businesses and 1 to 3 users can best handle it. This machine can also be used for the home usage. It has the most modern design in the market.

The Most Important Features of 50S Shredder

•    This machine has the capability to destroy up to 11 sheets of 5.8 mm in strips style and is available at the security level 2.
•    The patented safety lock prevents the shredder from starting accidentally.
•    The duty cycle of this shredder is of 5 minutes.
•    In addition to the papers, it destroys the clips, staples and the credit cards.
•    It has a bag of 38 liter capacity of the waste.
You can get it with 2-year warranty for the machine and 5-year warranty on the cutters.
•    The most appreciated color for this machine is black.
•    It has the safety Level of 2.
•    It cuts the paper in strips.
•    It has the depth of 419mm.
•    The width is 264mm.
•    The height is 417mm.

The small cross cut shredder is important need of today’ office for the reason that securing the confidential is highly necessary and you cannot throw away the documents at all in a dustbin in any way.