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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Post-it – A great little invention to increase productivity in office

When you are sitting in an office, it is very sure that you have a notebook handy Post-its, a reminder on the computer screen or a message from a colleague on the table. Do you know that this little tool, indispensable for many in the office, has a curious beginning?

Its story begins in 1973 when Spencer Silver, a worker at the company 3M, immersed in finding an adhesive that could be used to build aircraft, eventually giving by research failed to obtain results in a material that would not let him join no more two leaves. Two years later, Art Fry, Silver coworker and recalled the failed feat of this and devised a way to take the advantage.

Fry sang in the church choir and I used to lose the page of the song that was playing which caused him great stress. The day ‘eureka’ came when Fry decided to take a piece of paper with some material that his old friend had conceived these two elements becoming what we now know as Post-it. It's that easy. The invention was liked and 3M decided to release it and then patent it. It is further said that the piece of paper that Art Fry used was the famous yellow color that the brand decided to maintain and we all know.

Today, the Post-it has resulted in thousand forms, shapes, colors and even
functions. Notes from "It's called Anna", "You have the Tupperware in the fridge", "Back in 5 minutes "around us in offices, walls, computers, blackboards are a common sight and not only that, this small object which did not bode interesting origins has become a source of creativity and ingenuity reflected in stories, campaigns, videos and more.

The office shredder is also important equipment as it helps in keeping the privacy of the recorded confidential matters while the physical post-it notes can also be shredded.