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Monday, 30 September 2013

Micro Cut Shredders P-35c (5 Sheets)

    Description of Micro Cut P-35C Shredder

This micro cut shredder ensures a higher level of security in the destruction of the documents. The small and compact design of this micro cut shredder helps to save space.
Exclusive Features

The micro cut shredders are used with the perspective of high level of security and they have many other features as well. This particular Micro Cut P-35C Shredder has the following exclusive qualities.

•    Capacity is of 5 sheets (A4 - 70g/m²).
•    Entry width is 230 mm.
•    Court particles size is of 9 x 40 mm.
•    Security Level is 3.
•    It also has a safety lock to prevent any accidents.
•    Bin Capacity is 12 liters.
•    It can destroy staples, paper clips and credit cards.
•    It also has automatic start option.
•    The dimensions are 384 x 362 x 214 mm.
•    Weight is 3 kg.
•    The color is black.
•    Size is 320x350x200 mm
•    Warranty is of 2 years and 3-year is for the cutting blades.
•    The cut can be in strips or particles, but the pieces never exceed 594 mm2 (particles of 24 x 24 mm).