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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Cross Cut Shredder DS-700c (6 Sheets)

Description of Shredder DS-700C

It is a shredder for use at home and in the office, with high-tech security and removable bin for easy emptying.


The following special features make this machine an appealing purchase for the customers as they will have a highly satisfying experience with it.

•    Capacity: 7 sheets (A4 - 70g / m²)
•    Type particle cut 4 x 38 mm
•    Security Level 3
•    Destroys staples, clips and card
•    Speed: 3 m/min
•    Duty cycle of 5 minutes
•    Removable 10 liter bin for easy emptying
•    Entry Width 225 mm

Duty Cycle Of 5 Minutes

•    Stopping and starting automatic safety lock
•    10 liter bin
•    Dimensions: 190 x 336 x 378 mm
•    Weight: 6.3 kg
•    2 year warranty on the machine and three years of cutting blade

Level 3 Standards

This shredder can destroy all the documents including personal data and that by law to be destroyed.

The cut can be in strips or particles, but the pieces should never exceed 594 mm2 (particles of 24 x 24 mm).

Additional Features

•    Style = Office
•    Color = Black
•    Size = 190x336x378 mm
•    Security = Level 3
•    Court = Microcorte

In case of destroying the documents with a high level of secrecy, a machine with cross cut shred option is preferred as it leaves no room of any sort of leak out of the waste.