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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hard Drive Shredders

One of the most used sources of data storage is the hard drive in more or less every office in the world, and it is indispensable in a computer set while the hard drives are resalable as well and can be purchased from the market at a lower price. This is not a paper or CD which can be destroyed in a common shredder with ease; therefore, there are special hard drive shredders which help in this regard. Let’s see some details about Powerline 230 hard drive shredder.

The Description of Shredder HSM/HDM 230

This one destroys the digital storage media into tiny particles and makes it impossible to recover the stored data. It is safe, effective and in accordance with the data protection. It is available is grey color and is used at the professional level.

The Features

The type of cut is based of particles.
The cutting width is 20 mm.
The noise level is 57 dB
The frequency is 50 Hz.
The width is 1040 mm.
This machine has the weight of 770 kilogram.
The security level is (DIN 66399) Information 1 / T-2 / E-2 / H-4.
The particle length is 30-50 mm.
It has 3x400 V-voltage systems.
The depth is 3058 mm.
The height is 1696 mm.
The security level is 1.
It has the strong steel cutting mechanism and powerful drive solid and resistant for long life.

The Dimensions

It comes in the following dimensions as;

1040 x 3298 x 1696 mm

It is the best shredder available in market today in the collection of hard drive shredders.