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Friday, 25 October 2013

Series of Professional Shredder – Micro Cut 41514 High Capacity (26 Sheets)

The Description Of High Capacity Shredder 41514

Shredder 41514 incorporates the system available in the market with a filter to keep away from creating the dust particles in the environment and offers maximum comfort working with the security features of safe technology. The motor is powerful with high performance and the machine is much quieter.

The Important Points

•    It comes with the capacity of 26 sheets of size A4 - 70g/m².
•    The cutting type is micro-cut with 3the particles of 9 x 40 mm. The cut can made be in strips or particles.
•    The machine can destroy the staples, paper clips, credit cards as well as Compact Disks
•    The security level is 3.
•    It also has sensors to notice the paper capacity with display light on the panel.
•    It also has the automatic device immediate engine shutdown sound system.
•    The automatic anti-jam lock
•    Oil tank with auto lubrication option
•    It contains the selective deposit waste paper while the light goes and the rings sound when the bin is full.
•    You can easily move it as it has 4 wheels.
•    Deposit selective waste plastic for CDs, DVDs and the cards.
•    The speed is 4.6 m/min.
•    The width is about 310 mm.
•    The fuel tank capacity is up to 140 liters.
•    You will get 2-year warranty for the machine and 35 years for cutting rollers.
•    It has the weight of 63 kilos.

The Dimensions

It has the following dimensions;

890 x 730 x 510 mm

High security shredding is indeed an important aspect and this one fulfils all the security requirements at the professional level.