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Friday, 11 October 2013

The Documents & Press Shredders

The Descritpion Of The Combination Of Sp Hsm Shredder Baler 4040 V

•    It has the combination tool as FA 400.2 and KP 40V and has the vertical structure which is very compact and saves a great deal of the space.
It has material intake via loading table and the electric conveyor belt.
•    It comes with document shredder with keypad control for the constant operation and reverses as well as the automatic reverses in case of the paper jam.
•    It has the destruction function on at the same time during the pressing course of action.
•    It comes with the integrated manual oiler for cutting unit (only particle cut version).
•    It presses with modern controller and removal trolley for the carton or waste bag (equipment: 5 cartons, 5 plastic bags, baghouse).
•    It has the indication of ‘bale ready’.
•    The cutting type is particles cut.
•    The cutting width is about 5.8 mm.
•    The cutting capacity is about 120 pages (70g/m²).
•    The cutting speed is around 220 mm/s.
•    The power consumption is almost 6200 W motor.
•    Width is up to 1090 mm.
•    Weight is almost 737 kilogram.
It comes is gray color.
•    The measurements are 1090X2030X1970 mm.
•    The safety level is 2.
•    It cuts the documents in particles.

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