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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Series Of Departmental Shredders – Shredder 41304 Strip Style For 23 Sheets

The Description of 41304 Shredders

41304 Shredder incorporates the only system on the market with filter to avoid creating dust particles in the environment and offers maximum comfort working with security features and safe technology. It has the powerful motor with high performance and is much quieter as compared with others.

The Important Features

•    The capacity is18 sheets (A4-70g/m²)
•    The type of cut is 3.9 mm micro cut
•    It has sensor to detect paper capacity with indicator light on the panel
•    Automatic anti-jam lock
•    Selective deposit waste paper with light and sound when full
•    Destroys staples, paper clips, credit cards and CDs
•    Easy mobility with 4 wheels
•    Input Card
•    Input CDs and DVDs independent
•    Deposit selective waste plastic for CDs, DVDs and cards.
•    Width is 240 mm.
•    Fuel tank capacity is 60 liters.
•    Speed is 4 m/min.
•    Automatic device immediate engine shutdown sound system
•    Dimensions are 869 x 546 x 435 mm.
Weight is 40 kg.
•    Security level is 2.
•    2-year warranty for the machine and 35 years for cutting rollers

It is used to destroy the internal company documents whose requirement is illegible while slitting maximum width of 6 mm. It is mainly used for departmental and has the safety level 2. You can get it with the best price on paper shredders after a little search on the internet.