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Monday, 7 October 2013

Professional Shredder – 79Ci Shredder Cuts 4x38mm Particles

The description of 79Ci Shredder

It is a shredder for professional use and can destroy the contents up to 4x38mm particles with high tech security and removable bin for easy emptying.

The Qualities & Features

•    It has the capacity of 14 sheets (A4-70g/m²)
•    It cuts off 3.9 x 38 mm particles.
The security level is 3.
•    It destroys the staples, clips, cards and CDs.
The speed ranges up to 3.3m per minute.
•    The duty cycle is of 12 minutes.
•    It contains the removable bin of 23 liters.
•    The width is 230 mm.
•    It also has the indicator light that helps the user to improve the efficiency of the machine indicating if you are entering an amount below or above the recommended, thus, following 100% under run.
•    It has auto power off when you touch the inlet.
The dimensions are 384x270x556mm.
•    It weights up to 13.7 kg.
•    The vendors offer 2 year warranty on the machine and 5 years of cutting blade
It comes up to the level 3 standards.
•    It destroys all the documents including personal data.
•    The cut can be in strips or particles, but the pieces never exceed 594 mm2 (particles of 24 x 24 mm)

The heavy duty cross cut shredder is a requirement of today’s office as the privacy and confidentiality concerns are very high these days due to tough business completion.