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Monday, 28 October 2013

Series of Departmental Shredders – Microcut Shredder 225Mi

Theses days, the shredders are included in quite much needed equipments in order to stay safe from the illegal and unauthorized use of the secret business information. In fact, it is wiser decision to take the preventive measures instead of saving some amount by not purchasing some information protecting machine. Here we talk about a departmental shredder called micro-cut 225Mi.

The Prominent Features Of Micro-cut 225Mi Shredder

•    225Mi shredder has the ability to tear down up to 10 times smaller than the particles with particle cut shredders.
•    It has been designed for continuous use, so you can keep it suing for longer hours or during the rush hours. It is very much suitable for the large organizations.
•    It can cater more than 5 users.
•    It can destroy up to 14 sheets of 2x12 mm in micro particles.
•    The security level it has is P-5.
•    The system is 100% anti-jam that prevents the destruction of the papers if more papers are inserted than it can support.
•    It is one of the best features as it is ultra silent and does not disturb the working environment in any way.
•    It comes with SafeSense Technology which automatically turns it off when the user’s hand is too close.
•    It supports the prolonged operation which ensures that the shredder is provided for use.
•    It has a 60-liter bin with a capacity of 3,000 sheets for daily destruction.
•    In addition, it destroys the staples, credit cards and CDs.
•    The purchaser gets a 2-year warranty on the machine and 7-year warranty for the cutting blades.
•    It is available in black color.

It is certainly a high security shredder available in the market today at the most affordable price.