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Monday, 7 October 2013

The Important Accessories For Office Shredders – Oil & Waste Bags

The office shredders are gaining popularity with the passage of time as they offer great comfort to the business owners of pertaining to the security of their top secret information and they can carry on their business activities with more and more productive ways.

When you have got a cross cut shredding machine, it turns out to be very essential to keep it neat and clean and have a proper maintenance of it so that it can work or a longer period. In this regards, the following accessories are required.

The Maintenance Lubricant for Blades

•    It is a blister sheet for maintaining the lubricant shredders.
The lubricants provide the perfect amount of oil needed for shredder blades.
•    The lubrication of the head is an extremely important part as it will prevent further jams and technical problems with your shredder.
•    The lubricant sheets allow you to do proper maintenance without using oil bottles.
It is one very quick, clean and simple way.
The lubricants need to be inserted one in the machine head in the same way if grinding paper.
•    It is recommended to use at least 2 times a month.
•    It improves the performance of paper shredders particle cut.
•    It gets perfect performance blades oiling your shredder each time you empty the trash or at least twice a month.
•    The oil comes in a plastic bottle fitted with nozzle for better implementation of the oil into the cutting blades.

The Shredder Waste Bag for 38l (100uds pack)

•    It is a pack of 100 bags for storing shredder waste and it should be the most excellent quality shredder bags.
•    The box may include 100 color transparent bags with a capacity of 38 liters.
•    The bags are specially designed for paper shredders for the compact size.
They ensure the proper functioning of your shredder buying quality accessories and emptying the waste whenever necessary.
These bags are an essential accessory for destroying the contents as they help collect waste in a very comfortable manner.