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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Micro Cut Shredder DS-700C With The Capacity Of 7 Sheets

When an and as the place of work is set up, it requires so many stuff to give it a proper look and it is well taken car of that the everyday operations may go on in a proper and productive manner. In fact, it is highly important to arrange all the required machines in good state so that the workers can perform their daily tasks in a convenient manner. A shredder is also an important machine which helps you to keep the privacy of your confidential information.

In this article, you will find a good account about a popular shredder called DS-700C with the capacity of 6 sheets.

The Detailed Sketch of the DS-700C Shredder

DS-700C shredder is for the use at home and in the office with high-tech security and removable bin for easy emptying which makes it one the best high security shredders.

Valuable Qualities  

1.    It has the capacity of 7 sheets of A4 size and 70g/m².
2.    The color is black.
3.    The size is 190x336x378 mm.
4.    The security level is 3.
5.    The type particle cuts 4 x 38 mm
6.    It can also destroy the staples, clips and plastic cards.
7.    The speed is 3 m/min.
8.    Ii has the duty cycle of 5 minutes.
9.    Removable 10 liter bin for easy emptying is attached.
10.    Entry width is 225 mm.
11.    Working cycle is of 5 minutes.
12.    It stops and starts automatically with safety lock.
13.    Dimensions are 190 x 336 x 378 mm.
14.    The weight is 6.3 kg.
15.    It comes with 2 year warranty on the machine and three years of cutting blade.

Level 3 Standards

DS-700C Shredder has the capability of destroying all the documents including personal data which is ordered by the law to destroy.

The cut can be in strips or particles and pieces turn into 594 mm2 (particles of 24x 24mm).