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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Specifications & Features of Destroyit 4002cc Cross Cut Shredderc

The office paper shredders are becoming more and more popular day by day as the competition is the business world is growing at a fast pace making it cut-through competition. In this scenario, the security concerns pertaining to the confidential information remains on top priority and each and every step is taken to keep the confidential information safe and secure so that no unauthorized person can have access to it. In this regard, the paper and devices carrying the secret data are completely disposed after the utilization.

In order to fulfill this purpose, paper shredders are being utilized by big and small companies everywhere. Here we are going to talk about a popular shredder namely Destroyit 4002cc.
The Main Functions & Features
•    The manufacturer is MBM Destroyit.
•    It lies in the departmental use in the categories of shredders.      
•    It has the security level of 3.
•    Its cut type is cross cut.
•    It also has the safety protection system.
•    The bin capacity is 44 gallons.
•    The feed opening size is 16 inches.
•    The sheet capacity is 26.
•    It weighs 240 lbs.
•    It has energy saving mode and stops automatically after 1 hour if no activity takes places.
•    The warranty is of lifetime for the cutting shafts.
•    It also has high quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters.
•    The machine can shred everything from credit cards to optical disks.
•    You can cut at least 25 papers at a time.
•    The safety protection system of shredder 4002cc includes the transparent safety shield in the feed opening controlled electronically.
•    It has got double protection unit against overheating issue.