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Friday, 18 October 2013

Professional Shredders – Shredder 41614 High Capacity Up To 30 Sheets With Micro Cut

The Detailed Depiction of the 41614 Shredder

This office shredder has a special feature and the only system in market which filters to shun making the particles of the dust in the environment and also gives the utmost soothe in working with the high security features and secure technology. This machine is to be used for the need of professional level.

The Finest Features of This Shredder

•    It has a powerful motor.
•    It gives absolute high performance.
•    It is a quieter shredder as compared to the others available in the market.
•    Capacity is for 30 sheets (A4 - 70g/m²)
•    The cutting type is micro cut with 3.9 x 40 mm.
•    The security level is 3.
•    It comes with the sensor to spot the paper capacity with an indicator light on the panel.
•    It blocks the anti-automatic jams.
•    It has the oil tank with self-lubricating system.
•    It has a careful deposit waste paper with light and sound when it is full.
•    The mobility is trouble free as it has 4 wheels.
•    The fuel tank capacity is of 160 liters.
•    The speed is 6 m/min.
•    The dimensions of the shredder are 930 x 730 x 510 mm.
•    This machine weighs approximately 90 kilos.
•    You will have 2-year warranty for the machine while 35-year for the cutting rollers.


This shredder meets the entire requirements of the level 3.

The Type of Cut

You have multiple options as the cuts can be made in strips or the particles.