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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Press & Documents Shredders HSM SP 4040 5.8mm

The Description of Press shredder HSM SP 4040 V

This compact combination shredder is consisted of the large FA 400.2 and baling

press vertical with Garantiza data security file as a central unit for the destruction

of the documents. The credit goes to its compact dimension wheel intergrades

and can be easily fitted into your place of work.

The Most Prominent Features

• It has the style of sawing and slitting.

• The cutting width is 5.8 mm.

• Its cutting capacity is of 130 pages (70g/m²).

• The cutting speed is 210 mm/s.

• The model number is UN/SPSC 44101603 and the item no. is 1513644


• The pressing force is 44 KN.

• The height loading aperture is 320 mm.

• The width is 600 mm.

• The power consumption is 6200 watts motor.

• The frequency is about 50 Hz.

• The width is 1090 mm.

• The weight is 737 kg.

• The security Level is 2.

• The particle length is as low as 0 mm.

• The input width is 428 mm.

• The working width is 428 mm.

• The width of the filling opening of the bullet is 510 mm and the length is

400 mm.

• The bullet-height is 500 mm.

• The voltage is 400.

The depth is 2030 mm.

• The height is 1970 mm.

• The color is gray.

• The measurements are 1090X2030X1970 mm.

• The safety level is 2.

• It cuts the material in strips.

The paper shredder industrial is of very much use as it keeps the secrets safe

and secure.