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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Small Office Shredders – Shredder Confetti-Cut

The Description of Small Office Shredders with Confetti-Cut

This small office shredder has been designed for executive use and this elegant compact shredder provides a level of security which is sufficient to destroy the confidential documents into small confetti cuts. It has ability to work with 12 sheets at a time and includes a convenient removable 20 liter bin as well for 200 sheets. In addition, it also has a CD shredder with separate entry slot and a container for the remains of the CD waste.

The Specifications

•    It shreds 12 sheets at a time.
•    The warranty period for this office machine is 2 years.
•    It can also shred the compact disks and the credit cards as well.
•    This machine does not make any high pitch sound as it is ultra quiet.
•    It is available in gray color.

The Dimensions

•    It has the depth of 276mm.
•    The width is 470mm.
•    The height is 488 mm.
•    It weighs about 8.086 kg.

Security Level

The security level is 2.

Protection Level

The protection level is 1 which is a normal degree of the need for the internal data protection.

The cross cut shredders are considered to be safer as they make the particles absolutely tiny.