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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Microcorte Geha Shredder CD X7 for 7 Sheets

The office shredders are now becoming necessary equipment as the secrecy of an office is always at the top priority and no one can compromise over the secrecy of the confidential contents in form papers, files, CDs, DVDs, and the like. In this informative article, you will get the complete details of a reasonable office shredder so that you can take a better decision when you want to get one.

The Complete Description of Shredder X7 CD

The high functionality turns out to be very effective of CD X7 shredder which is the ultimate data protection with versions for all the needs and areas of use.


The Noticeable Aspects Of CD X7

•    Capacity: 12 sheets (A4 - 70g / m²)
•    Cutting type: micro cut, crossed 3 x 25 mm
•    Cycles of 8 minutes can destroy up to 7 sheets at once
•    Security Level 4
•    Motor: Ultra
•    Quality cutting mechanism
•    Auto power on / off and forward / reverse
•    Paper entry width of 220 mm
•    Removable Bin 15 liter capacity
•    High power motor
•    Automatic function on / off and return
•    Disconnection safety during container removal cut paper
•    Power saving mode
•    Warranty 2 years
•    Style = Office
•    Color = Black
•    Size = 343x242x535 mm
•    Security = Level 4
•    the cutting style is micro
•    The particles should be less than 30 mm2 (5 x 5 mm).

Security Level 4

The office shredder helps you destroy the secret documents that might have the security of the company.