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Monday, 28 October 2013

Series of Departmental Shredders – Microcut Shredder 225Mi

Theses days, the shredders are included in quite much needed equipments in order to stay safe from the illegal and unauthorized use of the secret business information. In fact, it is wiser decision to take the preventive measures instead of saving some amount by not purchasing some information protecting machine. Here we talk about a departmental shredder called micro-cut 225Mi.

The Prominent Features Of Micro-cut 225Mi Shredder

•    225Mi shredder has the ability to tear down up to 10 times smaller than the particles with particle cut shredders.
•    It has been designed for continuous use, so you can keep it suing for longer hours or during the rush hours. It is very much suitable for the large organizations.
•    It can cater more than 5 users.
•    It can destroy up to 14 sheets of 2x12 mm in micro particles.
•    The security level it has is P-5.
•    The system is 100% anti-jam that prevents the destruction of the papers if more papers are inserted than it can support.
•    It is one of the best features as it is ultra silent and does not disturb the working environment in any way.
•    It comes with SafeSense Technology which automatically turns it off when the user’s hand is too close.
•    It supports the prolonged operation which ensures that the shredder is provided for use.
•    It has a 60-liter bin with a capacity of 3,000 sheets for daily destruction.
•    In addition, it destroys the staples, credit cards and CDs.
•    The purchaser gets a 2-year warranty on the machine and 7-year warranty for the cutting blades.
•    It is available in black color.

It is certainly a high security shredder available in the market today at the most affordable price.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hard Drive Shredders

One of the most used sources of data storage is the hard drive in more or less every office in the world, and it is indispensable in a computer set while the hard drives are resalable as well and can be purchased from the market at a lower price. This is not a paper or CD which can be destroyed in a common shredder with ease; therefore, there are special hard drive shredders which help in this regard. Let’s see some details about Powerline 230 hard drive shredder.

The Description of Shredder HSM/HDM 230

This one destroys the digital storage media into tiny particles and makes it impossible to recover the stored data. It is safe, effective and in accordance with the data protection. It is available is grey color and is used at the professional level.

The Features

The type of cut is based of particles.
The cutting width is 20 mm.
The noise level is 57 dB
The frequency is 50 Hz.
The width is 1040 mm.
This machine has the weight of 770 kilogram.
The security level is (DIN 66399) Information 1 / T-2 / E-2 / H-4.
The particle length is 30-50 mm.
It has 3x400 V-voltage systems.
The depth is 3058 mm.
The height is 1696 mm.
The security level is 1.
It has the strong steel cutting mechanism and powerful drive solid and resistant for long life.

The Dimensions

It comes in the following dimensions as;

1040 x 3298 x 1696 mm

It is the best shredder available in market today in the collection of hard drive shredders.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Series of Professional Shredder – Micro Cut 41514 High Capacity (26 Sheets)

The Description Of High Capacity Shredder 41514

Shredder 41514 incorporates the system available in the market with a filter to keep away from creating the dust particles in the environment and offers maximum comfort working with the security features of safe technology. The motor is powerful with high performance and the machine is much quieter.

The Important Points

•    It comes with the capacity of 26 sheets of size A4 - 70g/m².
•    The cutting type is micro-cut with 3the particles of 9 x 40 mm. The cut can made be in strips or particles.
•    The machine can destroy the staples, paper clips, credit cards as well as Compact Disks
•    The security level is 3.
•    It also has sensors to notice the paper capacity with display light on the panel.
•    It also has the automatic device immediate engine shutdown sound system.
•    The automatic anti-jam lock
•    Oil tank with auto lubrication option
•    It contains the selective deposit waste paper while the light goes and the rings sound when the bin is full.
•    You can easily move it as it has 4 wheels.
•    Deposit selective waste plastic for CDs, DVDs and the cards.
•    The speed is 4.6 m/min.
•    The width is about 310 mm.
•    The fuel tank capacity is up to 140 liters.
•    You will get 2-year warranty for the machine and 35 years for cutting rollers.
•    It has the weight of 63 kilos.

The Dimensions

It has the following dimensions;

890 x 730 x 510 mm

High security shredding is indeed an important aspect and this one fulfils all the security requirements at the professional level.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Destroyit 3104CC - Heavy Duty Cross Cut shredder

Destroyit is the best company that provides a large variety of shredders with various valuable features to fulfill the requirement of all small to large sized companies. Destroyit has also designed model 3104CC which has been released in two different versions to meet the requirement of the users. This type of paper cutting machine is available for sale just in $1,797 which is no doubt the best price on paper shredders.

Cross cut shredder Destroyit 3104CC is an extremely effective and useful office shredder. It is available in two versions which both have the similar features. Version 1 is designed for security level 3 with 3/16 x 1 ® inches cut size and sheet capacity 25 while the other version has the capability to meet the requirement of security level 4. Some of the common features of both versions are as follows:

    Heavy duty cross-cut shredder
    Perfect for security level 3 & 4
    Perfect to fit in a centralized office environment
    Capable to shred papers, staple pins, credit cards clips, and CDs, DVDs etc
    Has cross cut blades
    At least 25 paper Sheets can be shredded at a time
    Bin has the capacity to carry 32 Gallon of wastage
    Auto Reverse
    Auto Start/stop
    Jam Prevention Technology

The motor installed inside Destroyit 3104CC is driven by a powerful double drive system which provides it double protection and save it from getting heated. If there is no activity for about an hour, the system will go into hibernate mode which will also save energy.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Heavy Duty Destroyit 4002CC - Cross Cut Office Shredder

Destroyit 4002CC is a heavy duty, high volume centralized cross cut shredder used for offices and departments. Unlike various other shredders you can use it without disturbing the environment of your office as it does not cause noises and works quietly. However, its powerful motor makes it works perfectly which has made it more popular than the other cutting machines available in almost same price.

It has been manufactured by MBM Destroyit and it comes into shredder departmental category. It has safety protection and energy saving systems which enables it to turn off automatically in case something unusual occurs or no activity takes place for a certain period of time. Both of these features are really valuable as they save your machine from getting damaged.

It can shred approximately twenty five sheets at once. Moreover, it can completely shred paper clips, staple pins, credit cards, CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays) etc. This type of shredder is preferred by the people who want high security level. There are two reasons why it has come into great demand and that are its low price and high quality.  It has got the ability to create thousands of pieces of any document that you want to destroy.

When you get this product, you will also get Lifetime warranty on the cutting shafts. Overall, this cutting machine has been proven to be absolutely perfect for security purpose. The most important thing about it is its low price which can be easily afforded by even very small companies.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Specifications & Features of Destroyit 4002cc Cross Cut Shredderc

The office paper shredders are becoming more and more popular day by day as the competition is the business world is growing at a fast pace making it cut-through competition. In this scenario, the security concerns pertaining to the confidential information remains on top priority and each and every step is taken to keep the confidential information safe and secure so that no unauthorized person can have access to it. In this regard, the paper and devices carrying the secret data are completely disposed after the utilization.

In order to fulfill this purpose, paper shredders are being utilized by big and small companies everywhere. Here we are going to talk about a popular shredder namely Destroyit 4002cc.
The Main Functions & Features
•    The manufacturer is MBM Destroyit.
•    It lies in the departmental use in the categories of shredders.      
•    It has the security level of 3.
•    Its cut type is cross cut.
•    It also has the safety protection system.
•    The bin capacity is 44 gallons.
•    The feed opening size is 16 inches.
•    The sheet capacity is 26.
•    It weighs 240 lbs.
•    It has energy saving mode and stops automatically after 1 hour if no activity takes places.
•    The warranty is of lifetime for the cutting shafts.
•    It also has high quality wooden cabinet mounted on casters.
•    The machine can shred everything from credit cards to optical disks.
•    You can cut at least 25 papers at a time.
•    The safety protection system of shredder 4002cc includes the transparent safety shield in the feed opening controlled electronically.
•    It has got double protection unit against overheating issue.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Small Office Shredders – 50S Shredder Strip Cut 5.8 mm

The Description of 50S Shredder Strip Cut 5.8mm

This shredder is ideal for the frequent use and it suits best for the small businesses and 1 to 3 users can best handle it. This machine can also be used for the home usage. It has the most modern design in the market.

The Most Important Features of 50S Shredder

•    This machine has the capability to destroy up to 11 sheets of 5.8 mm in strips style and is available at the security level 2.
•    The patented safety lock prevents the shredder from starting accidentally.
•    The duty cycle of this shredder is of 5 minutes.
•    In addition to the papers, it destroys the clips, staples and the credit cards.
•    It has a bag of 38 liter capacity of the waste.
You can get it with 2-year warranty for the machine and 5-year warranty on the cutters.
•    The most appreciated color for this machine is black.
•    It has the safety Level of 2.
•    It cuts the paper in strips.
•    It has the depth of 419mm.
•    The width is 264mm.
•    The height is 417mm.

The small cross cut shredder is important need of today’ office for the reason that securing the confidential is highly necessary and you cannot throw away the documents at all in a dustbin in any way.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Small Office Shredders – Shredder Confetti-Cut

The Description of Small Office Shredders with Confetti-Cut

This small office shredder has been designed for executive use and this elegant compact shredder provides a level of security which is sufficient to destroy the confidential documents into small confetti cuts. It has ability to work with 12 sheets at a time and includes a convenient removable 20 liter bin as well for 200 sheets. In addition, it also has a CD shredder with separate entry slot and a container for the remains of the CD waste.

The Specifications

•    It shreds 12 sheets at a time.
•    The warranty period for this office machine is 2 years.
•    It can also shred the compact disks and the credit cards as well.
•    This machine does not make any high pitch sound as it is ultra quiet.
•    It is available in gray color.

The Dimensions

•    It has the depth of 276mm.
•    The width is 470mm.
•    The height is 488 mm.
•    It weighs about 8.086 kg.

Security Level

The security level is 2.

Protection Level

The protection level is 1 which is a normal degree of the need for the internal data protection.

The cross cut shredders are considered to be safer as they make the particles absolutely tiny.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Professional Shredders – Shredder 41614 High Capacity Up To 30 Sheets With Micro Cut

The Detailed Depiction of the 41614 Shredder

This office shredder has a special feature and the only system in market which filters to shun making the particles of the dust in the environment and also gives the utmost soothe in working with the high security features and secure technology. This machine is to be used for the need of professional level.

The Finest Features of This Shredder

•    It has a powerful motor.
•    It gives absolute high performance.
•    It is a quieter shredder as compared to the others available in the market.
•    Capacity is for 30 sheets (A4 - 70g/m²)
•    The cutting type is micro cut with 3.9 x 40 mm.
•    The security level is 3.
•    It comes with the sensor to spot the paper capacity with an indicator light on the panel.
•    It blocks the anti-automatic jams.
•    It has the oil tank with self-lubricating system.
•    It has a careful deposit waste paper with light and sound when it is full.
•    The mobility is trouble free as it has 4 wheels.
•    The fuel tank capacity is of 160 liters.
•    The speed is 6 m/min.
•    The dimensions of the shredder are 930 x 730 x 510 mm.
•    This machine weighs approximately 90 kilos.
•    You will have 2-year warranty for the machine while 35-year for the cutting rollers.


This shredder meets the entire requirements of the level 3.

The Type of Cut

You have multiple options as the cuts can be made in strips or the particles.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Professional Shredders – P-35C Shredder With Micro Cross Cut For 5 Sheets

The Complete Account of P-35C Shredder

This cross cut office shredder ensures a higher level of security in the destruction of the documents wile its small and compact design helps to save the space as well.

Some of the Important Features

•    It comes with the capacity for 5 sheets of A4 size, 70g/m².
•    The entry width is 230 mm.
•    It makes the particles up to 9x40 mm.
•    The security level of this shredder is 3.
•    The safety lock is available in order to prevent any accidents.
•    The bin capacity is up to 12 liters.
•    It tears down the staples, paper clips and the credit cards as well.
•    Automatic start is available.
•    The dimensions are 384 x 362 x 214 mm.
•    The model is available in black color.
•    The warranty is of 2 years and 3 years for the cutting blades.
•    It meets the requirements of the level 3 standard.
•    You have the option whether you want to have the cut in strips or particles, but the pieces should never exceed 594 mm2 (particles of 24 x 24 mm).


This shredder can be used for the home as well as office.

The Size

•    The depth is 320mm.
•    The width is 350mm.
•    The height is 200 mm.
•    It weighs more or loess 3 kg.

The Security Level

The security level is 3.

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Departmental Shredders – 750 X Auto Power For Up To 12 Sheets

The Complete Sketch Of The Auto +750 Shredder X

With automatic feed and a 115 liter bin, you can load the this shredder with up to 750 A4 sheets at a time allowing it to run in the most silent and efficient manner. It is ideal for the regular use with high volumes and this advanced shredder provides a level of security sufficient to destroy the confidential documents along with the staples or paper clips, CDs and credit cards into small confetti cuts.

The Features

•    It is designed for use in the large offices.
•    It has automatic destruction up to 750 sheets at a time along with staples and clips.
•    The slot manual destruction of up to 12 sheets
•    Frame 115 liter removable door and viewing window
•    Detection system when the bin is full.
•    It works continuously.
It has a 4-digit PIN code to lock during the destruction.
•    Automatic lubrication system
•    Thermal overload protection and indicator cooling
•    Indicator for the door left open and the bin full
•    Modes of off and on automatic
•    Cross cut DIN March 4 x 40 mm
•    Automatic and manual reverse to clear jams
•    It can also destroy the CDs and credit cards
•    Silent (<60 dB)
•    Warranty Period is of 2 Years.


•    Depth: 680mm
•    Width: 1120mm
•    Height: 700mm
•    Weigh: 27 kg

Level 2 Security

Internal documents to be rendered illegible or invalidate.
The higher the security level is, the smaller the particles are.

Protection Level 1

It is a normal degree of need for the internal data protection.

It is one of the best cross cut shredders in the market available today for the office use.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Departmental Shredder 41404 Strip Cleantec For 24 Sheets

The Description Of Cleantec 41404 Shredder
This shredder incorporates the only system in the market known as cleantec filter to avoid creating dust particles in the environment and offers maximum comfort working with the security features with safe technology. It has a powerful motor with high performance and is a quieter machine.

The Special Features

•    It comes with the capacity of 24 sheets of A4 size and 70g/m².
•    It can destroy the staples, paper clips, credit cards and CDs
•    Input Card
•    Input CDs and DVDs independent
•    The security level is 2.
•    It has sensor to detect the paper capacity with indicator light on the panel.
•    Automatic anti-jam lock
•    Selective deposit waste paper with light and sound when full
•    Easy mobility with 4 wheels
•    Deposit selective plastic waste for recycling
•    The width is 260 mm.
•    The fuel tank capacity is 100 liters.
•    The speed is 4.4 m/minute.
•    The dimensions are 944x546x435 mm.
The Weight of the shredder is 45 kilos
•    It comes with a 2-year warranty for the machine and 35 years for cutting rollers.

Level 2 security

It has the security level of 2 and can be used to destroy the internal company documents whose requirement is illegible.

This is particular designed foe the departmental style and cuts the papers in strips.

It is simply one of the best shredders available in the market of departmental shredders.

Friday, 11 October 2013

The Documents & Press Shredders

The Descritpion Of The Combination Of Sp Hsm Shredder Baler 4040 V

•    It has the combination tool as FA 400.2 and KP 40V and has the vertical structure which is very compact and saves a great deal of the space.
It has material intake via loading table and the electric conveyor belt.
•    It comes with document shredder with keypad control for the constant operation and reverses as well as the automatic reverses in case of the paper jam.
•    It has the destruction function on at the same time during the pressing course of action.
•    It comes with the integrated manual oiler for cutting unit (only particle cut version).
•    It presses with modern controller and removal trolley for the carton or waste bag (equipment: 5 cartons, 5 plastic bags, baghouse).
•    It has the indication of ‘bale ready’.
•    The cutting type is particles cut.
•    The cutting width is about 5.8 mm.
•    The cutting capacity is about 120 pages (70g/m²).
•    The cutting speed is around 220 mm/s.
•    The power consumption is almost 6200 W motor.
•    Width is up to 1090 mm.
•    Weight is almost 737 kilogram.
It comes is gray color.
•    The measurements are 1090X2030X1970 mm.
•    The safety level is 2.
•    It cuts the documents in particles.

The best office shredder (visit our official webpage be found online after doing a little search online as the online shopping for office equipments is increasing day by day.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Press & Documents Shredders HSM SP 4040 5.8mm

The Description of Press shredder HSM SP 4040 V

This compact combination shredder is consisted of the large FA 400.2 and baling

press vertical with Garantiza data security file as a central unit for the destruction

of the documents. The credit goes to its compact dimension wheel intergrades

and can be easily fitted into your place of work.

The Most Prominent Features

• It has the style of sawing and slitting.

• The cutting width is 5.8 mm.

• Its cutting capacity is of 130 pages (70g/m²).

• The cutting speed is 210 mm/s.

• The model number is UN/SPSC 44101603 and the item no. is 1513644


• The pressing force is 44 KN.

• The height loading aperture is 320 mm.

• The width is 600 mm.

• The power consumption is 6200 watts motor.

• The frequency is about 50 Hz.

• The width is 1090 mm.

• The weight is 737 kg.

• The security Level is 2.

• The particle length is as low as 0 mm.

• The input width is 428 mm.

• The working width is 428 mm.

• The width of the filling opening of the bullet is 510 mm and the length is

400 mm.

• The bullet-height is 500 mm.

• The voltage is 400.

The depth is 2030 mm.

• The height is 1970 mm.

• The color is gray.

• The measurements are 1090X2030X1970 mm.

• The safety level is 2.

• It cuts the material in strips.

The paper shredder industrial is of very much use as it keeps the secrets safe

and secure.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Series Of Departmental Shredders – Shredder 41304 Strip Style For 23 Sheets

The Description of 41304 Shredders

41304 Shredder incorporates the only system on the market with filter to avoid creating dust particles in the environment and offers maximum comfort working with security features and safe technology. It has the powerful motor with high performance and is much quieter as compared with others.

The Important Features

•    The capacity is18 sheets (A4-70g/m²)
•    The type of cut is 3.9 mm micro cut
•    It has sensor to detect paper capacity with indicator light on the panel
•    Automatic anti-jam lock
•    Selective deposit waste paper with light and sound when full
•    Destroys staples, paper clips, credit cards and CDs
•    Easy mobility with 4 wheels
•    Input Card
•    Input CDs and DVDs independent
•    Deposit selective waste plastic for CDs, DVDs and cards.
•    Width is 240 mm.
•    Fuel tank capacity is 60 liters.
•    Speed is 4 m/min.
•    Automatic device immediate engine shutdown sound system
•    Dimensions are 869 x 546 x 435 mm.
Weight is 40 kg.
•    Security level is 2.
•    2-year warranty for the machine and 35 years for cutting rollers

It is used to destroy the internal company documents whose requirement is illegible while slitting maximum width of 6 mm. It is mainly used for departmental and has the safety level 2. You can get it with the best price on paper shredders after a little search on the internet.

Monday, 7 October 2013

The Important Accessories For Office Shredders – Oil & Waste Bags

The office shredders are gaining popularity with the passage of time as they offer great comfort to the business owners of pertaining to the security of their top secret information and they can carry on their business activities with more and more productive ways.

When you have got a cross cut shredding machine, it turns out to be very essential to keep it neat and clean and have a proper maintenance of it so that it can work or a longer period. In this regards, the following accessories are required.

The Maintenance Lubricant for Blades

•    It is a blister sheet for maintaining the lubricant shredders.
The lubricants provide the perfect amount of oil needed for shredder blades.
•    The lubrication of the head is an extremely important part as it will prevent further jams and technical problems with your shredder.
•    The lubricant sheets allow you to do proper maintenance without using oil bottles.
It is one very quick, clean and simple way.
The lubricants need to be inserted one in the machine head in the same way if grinding paper.
•    It is recommended to use at least 2 times a month.
•    It improves the performance of paper shredders particle cut.
•    It gets perfect performance blades oiling your shredder each time you empty the trash or at least twice a month.
•    The oil comes in a plastic bottle fitted with nozzle for better implementation of the oil into the cutting blades.

The Shredder Waste Bag for 38l (100uds pack)

•    It is a pack of 100 bags for storing shredder waste and it should be the most excellent quality shredder bags.
•    The box may include 100 color transparent bags with a capacity of 38 liters.
•    The bags are specially designed for paper shredders for the compact size.
They ensure the proper functioning of your shredder buying quality accessories and emptying the waste whenever necessary.
These bags are an essential accessory for destroying the contents as they help collect waste in a very comfortable manner.

Professional Shredder – 79Ci Shredder Cuts 4x38mm Particles

The description of 79Ci Shredder

It is a shredder for professional use and can destroy the contents up to 4x38mm particles with high tech security and removable bin for easy emptying.

The Qualities & Features

•    It has the capacity of 14 sheets (A4-70g/m²)
•    It cuts off 3.9 x 38 mm particles.
The security level is 3.
•    It destroys the staples, clips, cards and CDs.
The speed ranges up to 3.3m per minute.
•    The duty cycle is of 12 minutes.
•    It contains the removable bin of 23 liters.
•    The width is 230 mm.
•    It also has the indicator light that helps the user to improve the efficiency of the machine indicating if you are entering an amount below or above the recommended, thus, following 100% under run.
•    It has auto power off when you touch the inlet.
The dimensions are 384x270x556mm.
•    It weights up to 13.7 kg.
•    The vendors offer 2 year warranty on the machine and 5 years of cutting blade
It comes up to the level 3 standards.
•    It destroys all the documents including personal data.
•    The cut can be in strips or particles, but the pieces never exceed 594 mm2 (particles of 24 x 24 mm)

The heavy duty cross cut shredder is a requirement of today’s office as the privacy and confidentiality concerns are very high these days due to tough business completion.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Variety Of Office Shredder’s Waste Bags

A waste bag is an essential accessory of every shredder and it is needed to be changed as well from time to time. There is a variety of sizes pertaining to shredder waste bags according to the capacity. The waste bags are shredders best friends as they go hand in hand.

Shredder Waste Bag for 98.4 l. 50 UDS Pack   
It is a pack of 50 units of waste bags for shredders. They are available in color bags as well as transparent with high strength along with the capacity of 98.4 liter capacity.

Pack of 100 Bags for Shredder Waste

It is one of the best quality shredder bags. The box includes 100 color and transparent bags with a capacity of 38 liters especially designed for paper shredders compact size. It ensures that the proper functioning of your shredder buying quality accessories and emptying waste whenever necessary. These bags are an essential accessory for destructive as they help collect waste in a very comfortable.

Shredder Waste Bag to Pack 50 UDS 147.8 l

This pack of shredder bags is of high quality and available as transparent and color. The package contains 50 bags with a capacity of 147.8 liters and is very useful for paper shredders higher capacity. It collects waste for your convenience through shredder bags. It is an indispensable accessory for keeping your office machines clean.

Recyclable Waste Bags Pack of 20 Pieces

It is a pack of 20 units to recycle paper bags and has the easiest way to empty and recycle your paper shredders. This is ideal for use with mercury under run destructive. It collects your shredder waste with convenience.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Micro Cut Shredder DS-700C With The Capacity Of 7 Sheets

When an and as the place of work is set up, it requires so many stuff to give it a proper look and it is well taken car of that the everyday operations may go on in a proper and productive manner. In fact, it is highly important to arrange all the required machines in good state so that the workers can perform their daily tasks in a convenient manner. A shredder is also an important machine which helps you to keep the privacy of your confidential information.

In this article, you will find a good account about a popular shredder called DS-700C with the capacity of 6 sheets.

The Detailed Sketch of the DS-700C Shredder

DS-700C shredder is for the use at home and in the office with high-tech security and removable bin for easy emptying which makes it one the best high security shredders.

Valuable Qualities  

1.    It has the capacity of 7 sheets of A4 size and 70g/m².
2.    The color is black.
3.    The size is 190x336x378 mm.
4.    The security level is 3.
5.    The type particle cuts 4 x 38 mm
6.    It can also destroy the staples, clips and plastic cards.
7.    The speed is 3 m/min.
8.    Ii has the duty cycle of 5 minutes.
9.    Removable 10 liter bin for easy emptying is attached.
10.    Entry width is 225 mm.
11.    Working cycle is of 5 minutes.
12.    It stops and starts automatically with safety lock.
13.    Dimensions are 190 x 336 x 378 mm.
14.    The weight is 6.3 kg.
15.    It comes with 2 year warranty on the machine and three years of cutting blade.

Level 3 Standards

DS-700C Shredder has the capability of destroying all the documents including personal data which is ordered by the law to destroy.

The cut can be in strips or particles and pieces turn into 594 mm2 (particles of 24x 24mm).

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Microcorte Geha Shredder CD X7 for 7 Sheets

The office shredders are now becoming necessary equipment as the secrecy of an office is always at the top priority and no one can compromise over the secrecy of the confidential contents in form papers, files, CDs, DVDs, and the like. In this informative article, you will get the complete details of a reasonable office shredder so that you can take a better decision when you want to get one.

The Complete Description of Shredder X7 CD

The high functionality turns out to be very effective of CD X7 shredder which is the ultimate data protection with versions for all the needs and areas of use.


The Noticeable Aspects Of CD X7

•    Capacity: 12 sheets (A4 - 70g / m²)
•    Cutting type: micro cut, crossed 3 x 25 mm
•    Cycles of 8 minutes can destroy up to 7 sheets at once
•    Security Level 4
•    Motor: Ultra
•    Quality cutting mechanism
•    Auto power on / off and forward / reverse
•    Paper entry width of 220 mm
•    Removable Bin 15 liter capacity
•    High power motor
•    Automatic function on / off and return
•    Disconnection safety during container removal cut paper
•    Power saving mode
•    Warranty 2 years
•    Style = Office
•    Color = Black
•    Size = 343x242x535 mm
•    Security = Level 4
•    the cutting style is micro
•    The particles should be less than 30 mm2 (5 x 5 mm).

Security Level 4

The office shredder helps you destroy the secret documents that might have the security of the company.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Rexel Shredder Strip Cut Alpha

                 Description of Alpha shredder strip cut

This shredding machine for home use provides a level of safety in overall cut into strips. Equipped with a safety feature to prevent overheating, the destroyer Alpha holds 5 sheets at a time and a trash can 10 liter easy to empty as the head is removed.

The Distinguishing Qualities

•    It destroys 6 sheets at a time of 70grams.
•    This shredder also destroys the staples and clips.
•    It has a 10-liter tray to accommodate up to 30 sheets.
•    The warranty is f 2 years on the destroyer and three years in the head.
•    3-Minute Cycle Working
•    Speed 3 meters per minute
•    222mm inlet
•    Silent (~ 68 dB)
•    Weight is 3.5 kg
•    The dimensions are mm (wxhxd): 320 x 290 x 150
•    Slitting is 7.2 mm (security level P-1)
•    Format is electric
•    The style is personal.
•    The shredder has stylish black color.
•    The size is 320x290x150 mm
•    The cutting style is in strips

It is quite clear that it is the best shredder and destroys the standard generic material that must be destroyed without going into further demands. The higher the security level is, the smaller the particles are.

Degree of Protection 1

It has the normal degree of need for the internal data protection.