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Thursday, 26 September 2013

How To Improve The Comfort & Productivity In Office

Productivity is strongly associated with comfort in the workplace. Both rely heavily on the use of good ergonomics by high-quality equipment for office ergonomic. Here we offer you the keys to improving and protecting the health of employees as in this way, they have better productivity.

There are 3 aims to improve the ergonomics which are as follows;

1.    Reduce eyestrain
2.    Getting correct position constraint
3.    Permit rest period

Here we show you some effective tips to improve the ergonomics.

How to Reduce Eye Strain?

The monitor should be at a distance of between 450mm and 700mm. The head must form an angle of between 10° and 20° below the horizontal line of vision. It is very easy to modify the angle and distance if you use a monitor stand. After adjusting the height of the table, you must ensure that the top edge of the screen is at the height of your eyes or below.

For people who spend a large amount of time working at computer, we recommend placing the filters to monitor as these protect your vision against the brightness in the old screens that do not possess cathode ray tube with a matt surface. Filters can reduce up to 95% of that brightness while they are also prepared to increase the contrast.

Getting The Correct Position

The working posture while sitting is one in which the trunk of the body is more or less straight and arms form a right angle. On the occasions in which the person must work slightly stretched out forward (such as those dedicated to handwriting) the ideal posture is to use a seat with a backrest 90°; in other cases, the backups should be between 93° and 98°.

A good backup is essential when working and it must get to the middle of the back and should not be too wide at the top (in order not to reduce mobility to the arms). The best thing is that the back is convex in the vertical plane and concave in the horizontal sections.

Allow Rest

Rest is necessary to allow certain parts of the body such as wrists or feet. This can be used as palm rest (intended to avoid placing your hands in a very curved either up or down) or footrest when the table is not adjustable. Your feet should be flat on the floor or on a footrest to help eliminate back pressure on the thighs and knees.

An office should be equipped with all the necessary machines and a high security shredder is one of the important machines as it lets everybody have the sense of security at the workplace.