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Friday, 27 September 2013

Experience High Security Shredding With Rexel Style Shredder 8 Sheets Strips

Machine Description

Rexel Style Shredder Strips comes with ideal characteristics with modern design that is suitable for any home.

The Salient Features

•    Shredding cut into strips
•    Destroys staples, paper clips and credit cards
•    Dimensions: 320 x 170 x 360 mm
•    Weight: 3.2 kg
•    Cutting Type: Straight
•    Cut: 5.8 mm.
•    Security Level 2
•    Capacity: 7 sheets (A4 - 70g / m²)
•    Speed: 33 mm/s
•    Deposit: 7.5 liters
•    Start / Stop: Automatic
•    Boca input: 230 mm
•    Warranty 2 years (3 years extended warranty on cutting cylinders)
•    Slitting maximum width of 6 mm

Level 2 Security

Internal documents to be rendered illegible or invalidate. The higher the security level, the smaller the particles.

Protection level 1

Normal degree of need for the internal data protection

Special Characteristics

1.    Collection is Rexel Style
2.    Format is Electric
3.    Style is Personal
4.    Color is black
5.    Size is 320x170x360 mm
6.    Safety Level is 2
7.    Court Strips

Product Description

Ideal for personal use in the home or office as this compact shredder style ultra provides daily security by shredding effective and simple and has the ability to work with 7 sheets at once along with a trash removable 7.5 liter easy to empty with capacity for 25 sheets


It is ultra-quiet and can also shred credit cards and available is Gray color.

It is high security shredding machine, especially designed for home and personal use is office.